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From March 15-21, 2007 at the CeBit at the common booth of Bayern Innovativ (Hall 9, B 20)

19.02.2007: Infrared based tracking system for virtual reality

Movies like "Jurassic Park" successfully use optical tracking: Movements of real objects (elephants) are captured and transferred to virtual objects (dinosaurs). Virtual reality makes higher demands though: Movement capturing has to be performed in real-time and highly robust and exact. Nowadays, VR is commonly used in industry, and the capturing of head positions or the position of interaction devices as e.g. a 3-d mouse or a biopsy acus in medical applications lie clearly in the field of activity of tracking systems.
The new infrared based tracking system by inoptech GmbH - an expert in the field of optical tracking systems - is based on long lasting experience in such systems.

Image IR-Cameras
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