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Markertracking with normal light

Are you looking for a professional image processing software that enables you to detect markers in 3-dimensional space with high precision and in real-time? Our marker tracking system estimates the pose of a marker with 6 degrees of freedom (DoF) incorporating translation and rotation. Using a single camera and barcoded markers allow for multiple 6 DoF pose estimation at a time and operates in real-time. Our tracking framework MatraX enables the dection and localisation of different markers with different sizes. The translation and orientation output of each marker is given in the camera coordinate system. MatraX is a DirectX 9 filter that can be easily integrated in the DirectX filter pipeline between the camera source and the video display filter.


  • Operates with any USB and IEEE-1394 camera (Requirement: DirectX driver is available)
  • graphEdit and DirectX 9 is supported
  • Estimation of position and orientation with 6 degrees of freedom
  • Over 6 million different markers can be detected
  • Tracks multiple markers at the same time with 30 frames per second and a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels
  • Incorporates new methods of Computer Vision and of photogrammetry.
  • Sample programs for C++ using a MFC-UserInterface are available
  • To easily create, administrate, and print markers with different sizes and codes our tool MarkerMaker is provided.

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