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IRTraX - User Motion Tracking

The motion tracking system IRTraX performs real-time motion capturing (60 Hz). The system is specialized for virtual environments and has been developed for tracking marker clusters (rigid bodies).

Rigid bodies are custumarily used by the client for hand and head tracking in order to grab virtual objects or to view them from different perspectives.

IRTraX supports the trackd and VRPN interface to get easily connected with a wide range of VR systems and applications. A direct access to tracking data is available to the customers through a specialized, efficient, and extended programming interface.

IRTraX is an infrared based camera system that uses stereoscopic image processing to estimate position and orientation data three-dimensionally.

IRTraX stands out due to its compactness and mobility.

Scalability: Image processing tasks are already performed camera internally based on specialized hardware components. Therefore, the integration of additional cameras into the system does not influence the performance of the total system.

Miniaturization: Due to an elaborated layout process of circuit boards, the camera dimensions can be reduced up to 70% in comparison to similar products.

Useability: Only one cable is required to connect a camera with the PCI interface card of the computer. Furthermore, additional cables for synchronization and power supply units are no longer necessary.

Optics: IRTraX cameras use high quality C-mount lenses to reduce image noise.

Calibration: A calibration can be completely perfomed a the place of installation. The annoying post of the cameras in case of each recalibration can be omitted.

Interaction: A 3-d controller to perform manipulation tasks in virtual environments is already included in each IRTraX system bundle.

Price: A cost improvement during our hardware development process enables us to make the system available for an affordable price. But nevertheless, you do not have to abandon the quality and performance of the system.